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Underwater & Seaside Photo Gallery

This web site is a gallery of the underwater photograph & Seaside photograph.
There are a lot of photographs with the latest Digital single lens reflex (SLR) camera, too.

Taking a picture place:

    Izu,Okinawa,Sipan,Sipadan,Guam,Palau,Rota,GBR,Galapagos,Philippines,Maldives,Truk(Chuuk,FSM),Honduras,Bahama,Crystal River

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Photo Gallery

    In this gallery, there are a lot of underwater photographs of all parts of the world and a scenery photographs in the beach.

Photo Gallery by Digital SLR Camera

    Underwater Photo Gallery by Digital SLR (Single lens reflex) Camera.
    Nikon D100 is chiefly used.
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HD Video Gallery
    The HD (high-definition television video) Movies by QuickTime7(H.264) and Windows Media Video9(WMV HD).
Slide show
    Slide show by Macromedia Flash.

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